Uplifting Namibian Girls: How a Youth Organization is Restoring Dignity and Transforming Lives

The Dear Girl Namibia initiative, founded by the dedicated Andreas sisters, Justine and Tuilika, in the year 2018, is a beacon of hope and support for young girls in Namibia. Rooted in Christian values and driven by a desire to uplift Namibian girls, this youth-led organization has made significant strides in helping girls across the nation discover their true selves, deepen their spiritual connection with God, and develop their relationships with others.

But before we dive into the remarkable events and initiatives that Dear Girl has developed, let’s first understand what this organization is:

Dear Girl Namibia, an acronym for Daring, Eagle, Attaining, and Results, was carefully chosen to symbolize the soaring potential of girls who dare to confront challenges with unwavering determination and faith, both for themselves and their communities. The organization’s birth was marked by a mission – to provide a safe haven for girls, a place where they could shed the weight of the world’s burdens and find the support they needed to thrive.

At its core, Dear Girl strives to help young girls understand their individuality, establish a relationship with God, and nurture meaningful relationships with others. These objectives are achieved through a variety of well-crafted programs and events, all of which are created with teachings inspired by faith and designed to uplift the Namibian girl child and shape her future.

Among the many impactful initiatives brought to life by Dear Girl Namibia, such as Princess week camp, Sit-down tea and phenomenally you, one that stands tall is ‘Dignity Day,’ their latest project, which is sponsored by the Capricorn Foundation. This extraordinary program takes the members of Dear Girl into schools situated in underprivileged communities, where they extend their embrace to vulnerable young women and girls. Here, they not only offer support but also share important insights and guidance, reinforcing the importance of dignity and self-worth.

The Dear Girl Namibia initiative, under the leadership of Justine and Tuilika Andreas, is a shining example of the power of compassion, faith, and determination to transform the lives of young girls, helping them to rise above adversity and reach for the stars. Through their unwavering commitment and the various programs, they’ve put into motion, they continue to restore hope and dignity in the hearts of Namibian girls, illuminating a path towards a brighter and more promising future.

To find out more about the organization and their programs and projects, visit their Instagram page.

Naango Kainge


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