Housing Deception: Kenyan Government’s Mandatory Program Favors the Wealthy, Ignoring the Underprivileged

Human rights activists in Kenya are urging the people to reject the government’s proposed affordable housing units program. They believe that the plan will primarily benefit the wealthy, similar to what has happened with the Buxton Point Housing Program in Mombasa. Although the Buxton Point initiative was originally intended to assist underprivileged Kenyans, it has ended up benefiting only « rich » families in the first phase.

Religious leaders from the region are also supporting this call, urging the Ruto administration not to add additional burdens on Kenyans who are already struggling with the high cost of living. One notable clergyman, Sammy Wainaina, recently joined the chorus of voices, suggesting that the entire program should be voluntary if it truly is not a form of taxation as claimed by the government.

“Let the government come and come out clearly; what are they asking Kenyans to do? Is that a tax? If it is then they are overtaxing Kenyans.  But if you are calling it a savings then you don’t legislate; it is voluntary. Just like the Hustler Fund; it is a voluntary thing. You take it if you want it,” he said.

The activism community urges the government that the best way to improve the housing conditions in the country should be by creating a conducive environment for investors instead of forcing citizens to own houses.

“What governments should do is create an environment where businesses can thrive. Allow the public sector to do business; they generate wealth, they pay taxes and then the government offers infrastructure… Roads, water, electricity,”

In addition, human rights activist, Wainaina tells Kenyans also to say no to it if the government pushes.  He went on to assert that the country doesn’t belong to the government and that the sovereignty of the country is on its people and the people can say no.

He also asks Kenyans to not to elect Members of parliament that are going to support the programmee.

Dr. Sammy Wainaina who is set to leave the country to take up his new role as the Advisor for Anglican Communion Affairs for the Archbishop of Canterbury, asks Kenyans to stand tall and keep heads held high to defend themselves stating that the country lacks a strong opposition that can fight for the country.

« Do you know that you can do maandamanos without any destruction and you bring a country to a standstill? That has happened in many countries. Ours is stealing and I don’t know why Raila doesn’t condemn such things. We are between a hard rock and the devil. The opposition in this country cannot help us, » said Dr. Wainaina.

Sources: Citizen Digital

Human rights group, Mombasa.

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