Kenya : Human rights activists call for government intervention as human wildlife conflict escalates in Ganze

This is not the first time for the Human Wildlife conflict in Ganze to be reported, Fikirini Jacobs asserted.

He further said that the concern that had been raised by both social influencers, politicians of good will as well as the community itself but the situation persists.

Wildlife invasions have history of not only destroying valuables which includes houses, plants and properties but also killing both humans and livestock. Reports indicates that human-wildlife conflict has halted both economic and learning activities due to fear hovering in the region. It is reported that this year Jumbos have destroyed over 300 acres of land that had matured maize ready for harvest.

According to Chile, a human right activists based in the region, it is a huge blow to food security battle in the region. So far, the death toll of humans has risen to five where one of the victims was buried on the world elephant’s day.

Mr. Fikirini Jacobs, the director of Kilifi’s governor delivering unit rubbished off the celebrations stating that Elephant has brought more harm than good and there’s no point whatsoever to commemorate about.  Fikirini has condemned the KWS wardens for bullying, harassing and intimidating Ganze resident instead of investing their time and resources in chasing away the wild animal. Fikirini has threatened to revolt if proper actions will not be undertaken.

In June, the area MP. Mr. Kazungu had given the authorities a seven-day ultimatum but it bore no fruits.

In response to this, the star reported that Kenya Wildlife Services senior assistant director Coast Conservation Area John Wambua said that animals resorted to Ganze after due to less rainfall in Tsavo area. To combat this conflict, the KWS official confirmed to have sent a response team to drive the animals away but community and human rights activist insists that animals’ reserves should be electrically fenced to avoid such occurrences in future.

The area assistant chief Mr. James Randu echoed Chile’s and Fikirini statements.

He also confirmed to have received reports of a lion’s presences in the area.

Mr. Randu says that the presences of wild animals in the area has sparked fear among residents and has affected both learning and economic activities in the area.

Samuel Mbogoh

Sources: Chile, Fikirini Jacobs, James Randu

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