Kenyans facing it Rough as cost of living asclates

Despite numerous calls for doing away with policies that have seen the cost of living escalating in the country by Kenyans and human rights societies, President William Ruto has maintained that the affordable housing levy will be implemented even after the high court ruling against it.

« We know what we must do but we can’t gather the courage to do it. This time round whatever it takes, we are going to implement it (housing levy), » said Ruto.

Kenya’s cost of living is said to have risen due to the implementation of the project which is a part of the financial bill 2023 which received much opposition not only from the opposition but also from the Kenyan judicial system. 

« We find that the introduction of the housing levy amendment to section 84 lacks a comprehensive legal framework in violation of Article 10 of the constitution, that levy against persons in formal employment without justification is discriminatory and irrational,” Majanja said on behalf of the three-judge bench.

The introduction of the levy has paralyzed the economy making it hard for Kenyans to take their kids to school due to lack of school fees due to constrained finances.

“Parents are struggling to meet their children’s basic needs. Families nowadays find it hard to have three meals a day.  

Students have stayed at home due to the inability to pay for school. Since the government has refused to listen to us, we are going to take this issue to the streets, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed stated.

Speaking to Kenyans in the streets, especially the Mama Mboga and Boda boda, you will be perturbed by how helpless they have become despite being promised heavens by the same so-called ‘HUSTLERS GOVERNMENT”

Statistically, in every ten people that you talk to or interact with in the marketplace or even in a matatu, you will never miss to hear three or four of them complaining of a paralyzed economy.

“Tell Ruto to scale down fuel prices or better still you can ask him to fill our pockets with Money.’

Samuel K

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