Tragic Loss and Shocking Discovery: Twin Babies Born Prematurely in Tanzania Found Devoid of Organs

Staff at local health centre have been suspended and await being arraigned following the death of twins that were born prematurely in Tabora, the central part of the country.

The Regional commissioner for Tabora, Ambassador Batilda Buriani said preliminary investigations as regards to the death of the twins revealed they were kept in the nurses’ room instead of the maternity ward.

Ambassador Buriani said so far four staff from the centre had been suspended in connection to the deaths of the infants.

The father of the twins, Mr Kisaka Mtoisenga, brought the issue to light in social media after unsatisfactory explanations from the nurses on duty.

He said on the fateful day of May 9, 2023 he took his wife to the local health facility after his spouse started having labour pains. Around 10pm his wife gave birth to two healthy babies even though they were born prematurely at seven months.

Mtoisenga added that the nurses advised them to transfer the newly born babies to the designated district hospital because the facility wasn’t equipped with incubators. Nonetheless, since the centre didn’t have transport he went out to look for transfort and managed to find a tri-cycle, (bajaji).

However, the nurses said they should wait as they prepared the mother and kids but it took longer than expected only to tell them later the kids had died giving no specific reasons as to what exactly happened.

« We were advised to collect the bodies the following day and we did as we were told. On the material day they gave us the bodies that they already put in a box and in order to ascertain if indeed the box containing the bodies we opened the box » He further said: « On opening the box we found that certain parts of the bodies were missing. »

The parts included eyes, tongues and the skin on their foreheads had been removed » Mr Kisaka said after they queried about the bizarre discovery they were told « just take the bodies and burry them », since premature babies are never mourned by holding a funeral.

This infuriated him and refused to collect the bodies demanding for an investigation but after he saw the authorities were dragging their feet he decided to use social media.

The Minister for health, Ummy Mwalim said that after following up on the social media report, she discovered it was true and directed the Regional Medical officer to make sure all those involved parties are brought to justice.

Janelle Brown


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