By Samuel Mbogoh, Kenya.

Following the surge of incidence of murder among women in Kenya, Human Right activist and Youth Advocate, Mercy Mutana, has joined the rest of the Kenyan human rights society to demand the perpetrators of femicide to be charged with terrorism.

On her accord, Mutava expounded that since most of the victims had a close relationship with their killers it should not be considered an act of passion but rather premeditated.

Statistically, 80% of the young women murdered were killed by persons who were close or known to them. 

“We cannot be calling these crimes acts of passion because when you call it an act of passion it is insinuating that this was something sporadic…It starts with the threat or someone is actually beaten…is actually hospitalized.”

« A good number of victims of cases that have been highlighted, someone was abused, went to hospital, recovered, came back to that same home and at the last point they initially die in the hands of someone who abused them several times, » said Mutana. 

She added, “Femicide is the most rampant form of SGBV… We need to condemn it and take it seriously like terrorism”.

Her statement received reinforcement from Digital Communications expert Yusuf Omete. He echoed Mercy’s statement saying that It is an issue of national concern and it will take efforts From Kenyan.

« I want to rally men from across the public… this is not just a women issue it is a national issue that needs support from all of us.”

Concerns over Femicide cases in the country remain high following the recent killing of socialite Starlet Wahu and university student Rita Waeni. 

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding their gruesome murders are still ongoing.

Statement from Gender CS, Aisha Jumwa

Aisha Jumwa affirms that the government will not entertain forms of violence against women in the country.

According to her, the recent attacks on women in Airbnb accommodations are a reminder of the urgent need to address violence against women in society.

The CS reiterated the government’s commitment to end violence and promote a culture of respect, equality and safety not just among women and girls but across all genders.

She now wants all investigation agencies in the country to speed up their investigation so as to bring book of justice the perturbators of injustices in the country.

“We call for thorough and comprehensive investigations into these cases and we urge anyone with information to come forward and assist the authorities in their efforts to apprehend and apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators,” Jumwa said.

Her directive comes in the wake of murders of women that have shocked the country.

In the first incident, socialite Starlet Wahu, 26, was on January 6 found murdered in an alleged Airbnb in South B.


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