Kenya : Ganze sub- county in Kilifi cries for their lives as elephant’s roams in region uncontrollably

For the past four years the residents of Ganze, which is one of the most vulnerable Sub-country in Kilifi, Kenya’s countryside had suffered hunger due to drought and famine due to lack of rains. The story was about to change when the year started with promising rains. And the residents were thrilled such that they resolved to till their lands in plenty having high hopes and certain that this season would be different.

Luckily the rains have been adequate and the region was only counting a few days to harvesting when the most devastating and dreadful nightmare happened.

For weeks many hungry Jumbos had been reported walking in the area. Grazing on crops as well as destroying properties thus scaring the region the most as it witnesses the wild animal taking them back to food shortage.

The Area member of the national assembly Mr Kazungu revealed that Ganze, Bamba, and Sokoke residents had tried to diplomatically ask the department in charge to address the matter but the department had failed to end the human-wild animal conflict that had been in play for years.

According to the community, the failure of the Kenya wildlife services to deal with the animals had seen the area suffering expensive damage to crops and properties thus the perennial hunger inflicting the area. This is an outcry that received reinforcement in equal measures from the county’s Governor’s Delivery Unit director Fikirini Jacobs.

Jacobs is also a resident of the area and he stated that Ganze is not only angered by its shattered anticipation of celebrating a good harvest that was only a few days away but it’s also worried for its safety

Through his social media account, Fikirini noted that students barely go to school due to fear of being attacked by the hungry Jumbos of elephants doing around uncontrollably.

He also demanded quick action to be taken by the concerned authorities or else the community will fight back.

He further cautioned that failure to immediate action from Kenya’s wildlife services will call for a dreadful retaliation from the community.

He also noted that the community is ready to fight for its right if the government fails even if that will lead to their imprisonment.

As of now, Pola noted that families had lost crops and properties due to the attacks by the Jumbo Elephants parading in the area uncontrollably.

Karisa reinforced Mr Pola’s statement as well as adding that if Kenya Wildlife Services surge its tendency of looking down upon the local’s demand then it will take the law into their by killing and eating the Elephants.

Call for government intervention:

The community is calling upon the leaders from both national and county governments to come together and address the issue citing that it really discouraging their farmers.

They also believe the constitutional fact that both county and national have a role to play in ending the wildlife-human conflict that had been in play for weeks.

The area MP Mr. Kazungu had issued a notice of seven days to the Kenya wildlife services to clear the Elephant in the area but as it is now, the community is still waiting for the KWS action. Mr Kazungu also noted the KWS had failed to end human-wildlife conflict due to insufficient personnel in the area.

Samuel Mbogoh, Kenya


Fikini Jacobs – Kilifi Director of Delivery Unit

Hon. Keneth Kazungu- Area Member of national assembly

Community Volunteers

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