« They want to silence us, » – Kenya’s Activists

Activism has been a great asset to countless communities across the world. It has seen most communities fight their way out of mistreatment from political masters that have poisoned the well-being of the common natives. In Kenya, the case isn’t different from other members of developing countries. For years, Kenya has depended on activists to voice out issues of concern despite the dangers that they are facing.

Speaking to activists in Kenya, despite them being a community committed to seeing a Kenya; they are exposed to numerous dangers that are not limited to harassment and assault, extrajudicial killings, intimidation and murder and threats and insecurity.

According to Penina Nazi, is human right defender based in Kilifi Kenya, harassment and intimidation is the leading danger crippling the effective execution of activism duties in the country.

Despite its vitality, Kenya’s activism community has not received the much-needed support from established human rights organizations thus the young activists do not feel protected or heard.

These assertions were echoed by Mr Rajab Safisha, the founder of the Ushauri Safisha Pwani. Safisha adds how essential it is for the human rights movement to move with full speed to encourage the implementation of protecting activists as they are key for combating injustices for voiceless communities.

Some activists have suffered burnouts, PTSD, extrajudicial killings and cyberbullying. Farida Ali says that these dangers have forced most of them to impartially implement interventions that deserve attention.

Additionally, putting aside the fact that activists like to see positivity and change in their communities, they assert the fact they also have a life outside activism and balancing both areas has been an uphill task causing mental health concerns.

Lastly, Ms Penina outlines how Activism is a burden yet at the same time it isn’t. Penina alludes that spending time, resources and energy trying to solve other people’s problems is a burden but since the activism communities are driven by passion and willingness to see the world become a better place; they will always find ways of making it happen against all odds.

Samuel Mbogoh


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