Kenya : Tents have been our shelter for a decade despite having prime plots at the kenya’s coast

As we narrate the stories of historical injustice, I am moved by a story of the family of the late Ngalla Chome. The family is entitled to a prime plot at Kenol, Nyali –  Mombasa County, Kenya.

According to the family’s spokesperson, the family has lived in the embattled land for over five decades before the head of family succumbed to a heart disorder. The disorder was caused by assaults the family endured as they were fighting for their rightful place.

Reports concerning land allocations done in early 1960s, reveals Mzee Ngalla played a great role as he was in-charge of taking around the surveyors.

How it started

The eviction of the family of Mzee Ngalla began in 2003 after Mr. Jacob Gucie Mwangi claimed that he was the rightful owner of the land that Ngalla had lived on for 50 years.

The matter was reported to a provincial commissioner who confirmed that the rightful owner of the land is Ngalla. Following that finding, Mwangi disappeared for years and years later, Jane Wangari Kiama asked the family of the late Ngalla to leave the land as she purchased the land from their previous perpetrator Mwangi.

With the aid of the police force, Wangari has assaulted the family both physically and psychologically. She has destroyed the family’s properties including houses.

According to a National Land Commission’s letter dated 22nd October 2013, the struggle to maintain the ownership of the land forced Mzee Ngalla and family members to be arrested by the police.

To confirm the land ownership, Mrs. Wangari has been summoned several times by the land commission to avail her papers but has adamantly refused to comply despite countless reminders.

Why have they failed to get justice?

Ngalla’s family fought for the land in Kenya’s law courts for several years without success. Their « enemy » is influential and has connections with the judicial system.

On this account, Ngalla’s daughter narrates how despite numerous attempts to get justices in the corridors of justices their case has been ruled in favor of their foe in their absence.

She also states how unfruitful their efforts to get assistance from the previous county government Mombasa have been.

How is the family coping?

After the demolition of their home, the family now depends on their neighbors and Red Cross for food and shelter. For seven years now, the family stays along the Kenol’s road heading to Nyali.

Mr. Ngalla’s last born Pamela Sidi Kadzeha emotionally calls on the relevant national authorities to come for their aid as they have been deprived of their constitutional right for so long.

Sidi believes that his father’s abject poverty has been the reason why he failed to win over Wangari.

Samuel Mbogoh, Kenya

Sources – Ngalla’s Family Members (National land commission letter dated 13th October 2013)

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