Tanzania : 7-year-old Beaten By Police Constable Father (follow-up story)

THE case of a Tanzanian police constable accused of brutally injuring his seven-year-old son, became even tougher for the constable as the prosecution said it had 11 witnesses and three exhibits to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Presenting their case at the recent appearance, prosecutor Daniel Masambu told the court that on January 15, 2023, the accused, Abati Kalango severely beat his son Benedicto Abati causing injuries on different parts of his body, leading to the child’s hospitalization. Masambu told magistrate Mariam Nyangisi that the prosecution would present 11 witnesses and three exhibits.

The injuries were discovered by the boys’ teachers, who later reported it to the headmaster who, in turn, reported the case at Bariadi Police Station.

In the latest appearance, the suspect continued to deny the charges. « After the child was interrogated by the teachers, the child mentioned the suspect as the person who had abused him by inflicting the injuries, and the matter was reported to the GenderDesk, at Bariadi Police Station on January 19, 2023, » the prosecutor Masumba told the court.

He further told the court that the boy was taken to hospital, where after investigations by doctors, it was discovered that the boy had injuries on different parts of his body. These included his back, neck, and ear, all occasioned by the beating from the father, which was recorded on a police form.

« After his arrest, the suspect Abati Kalango read a caution statement and was told of his rights. The suspect admitted in court to having canned his son, saying his son wasn’t doing well in his class exercises, whenever he was told to do so. The suspect is out to bail and the next hearing is expected at the beginning of April.

The boy who schools at Helbert Gappa Primary School in Simiyu Region (Lake Zone) was admitted to Bariadi town council hospital on January 20, 2023, Simiyu Regional Police Commander, Blasius Chatanda, had reporters then that the incident occurred on 15th January 2023 when the father canned his son on various parts of the body.

Chatanda said on that day the father was inspecting his boy’s exercise books and realized that the son had got wrong answers in some mathematics exercises, given at school and started to cane him and causing bleeding on his sons back.

After committing the act, the suspect gave the child some medicines and treatment at home.

The information concerning the boy was first issued on 19th January 2023 by his class teacher, Bernadetha Katendele, who noticed that the pupil’s attendance was poor. He was absent for three days.

Janelle Browne

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